Global Financial City OSAKA establishes “ambassador” for SNS account

Together with Kansai-based companies and industrial organizations, Osaka Prefecture and City have been working to attract financial-related companies. In so doing, we aim to become a global financial hub.

We are happy to announce that we have assigned “ambassador” for “Global Financial City OSAKA” SNS account. They are sharing information and promote our activities by utilizing their connections and influence, such as by spreading the word about our “Global Financial City OSAKA” account.

1. Purpose

Enhancing promotion and sharing information to raise the profile of Osaka as a global financial hub

2. Activity

・Sharing information about Global Financial City OSAKA

・Giving us feedback about the matters and contents to share information by Osaka Prefectural Government and Osaka City Government

3. Ambassador

Please refer to the list below for our ambassadors. More to be disclosed soon – keep an eye on our website.

4. Reward


Ambassador List